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    PhotriX - Optical Fiber Temperature

      Wavelength 880(50)/900/700-1650nm

      Max. Temp 1,350C(LP) 3,000C(PY)

      RS-232 & Analog Output (Option)

      RTP, MoCVD, and other applicaton

 PhotriX LP/PY

 PhotriX PY

 PhotriX OEM

    The M600 Series of Fluoroptic

      Immune to EMI and RF interference

      Electrically non-conductive

      Built of materials,minimize heat sinking

      Remote Interface

 M600 Dev kit

 M600 Series

    M3300 BIO Research Module

      Easy Integration into Medical Device

      Safe and Accurate

      Immune to EMI, RF, MR & Microwave

      Very small sensor 0.5mm of diameter

 Bio Medical kit

 M3300 Series

    Fiber Optic Temperature LAB Kit

      Wafer, E-chuck and RF Showerhead

     Temperatures in Semiconductor CB

      Body & Skin Temp.during MR process

      4-channel M600 Shielded in a Cover

 FOT Lab kit

    Luxtron I652

      EMI, RF, MRI and Microwave Immune

      Measure Temp where TCs fail

      Field Proven and Lasting

      Compact and Easy to Use     I652